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Vu'uin vas Vornin [EPIDEMIA-DIFFUSA] by Aeroletian Vu'uin vas Vornin [EPIDEMIA-DIFFUSA] by Aeroletian



Name: Vu’uin vas Vornin
Nickname(s): V, Vune, Vorn

Sex: Female
Gender: Female [she / her / they / them / it]
Sexuality: Bisexual
Romance: Biromantic
Relationship: Single

Birthdate: 04 / 17 / ????
Native: 22
Terran: 36


Species: Vitruvian Proximitia
    » [biology]
    » [personality]
    » [culture]
    » [diet]
    » [planet]

Height: 5’ 8” (173 cm.)
Weight: 155 lbs. (70 kg.)
Build: athletic, lean

Eye Color: E2F5F5
Hair Color: 2A251C
Skin Color: EDEDED
“Gill” Color: 471F3A

    » Example: Cassie, “Sunshine
    » Can be as equally expressive and monotonous; flanging and slightly reverberating.

General: Akin to fresh rain and metal.
Blood (dry): Reeks strongly of cyanide and seared metal.
Blood (fresh): Resembles a very strong, metallic smell. Not repulsing, and slightly pleasant.
Body Odor (sweat): Did someone pour an entire box of salt in that sweet tea?
Body Odor (pheromones): Very sweet-smelling, almost honey-like (to those who can detect them). Very pleasurable to be around (obviously).

Blood Type: V
Blood Color:
— Oxygenated: 4d0026
— Unoxygenated: 1a000d
Blood Factor: Hyaline-Negative


Amazingly curious, ambitious, reticent, and reserved. Vu'uin can be very flirty if she's among friends or just drunk enough – whichever you think you can get her into first. A bit of a bite to her words from time to time, she holds a standoffish demeanor at first glance, but is very loyal and usually pretty open once one becomes close with her. Not afraid to resort to violence, and loves a good spar. A bit of a mischief-maker, but never squandering energy and almost always able to stay out of trouble, even if she's the one that made it. Arrogant and stubborn, her pride can get up in logic's face from time to time, leading her to make irrational decisions or word something a bit more poorly than perhaps it should have been.

Motto: “Just watch me, kiddo.”

Motiv: Offbeat
R-Drive: Intellect, Unconventionality, Stoicism, Independence
Tri-Type: 513
Socionics: Logical Intuitive Intratim
Archetype: Iconoclast
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Enneagram: 5w4
Temperament: Choleric


Survival Counter: x / 25 Days

▉▉▉▢▢▢▢▢ 3/10
▉▉▉▉▉▢▢▢▢ 6/10
▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉ 8/10
▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▢▢▢ 7/10
▉▉▉▢▢▢▢▢ 4/10
▉▉▢▢▢▢▢▢▢▢ 2/10
▉▉▉▉▢▢▢▢▢ 4/10
▉▉▉▢▢▢▢▢ 3/10
▉▉▉▉▉▢▢▢▢ 6/10
▉▉▢▢▢▢▢▢▢ 2/10
▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▢▢ 8/10
▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▢▢▢ 7/10
▉▉▉▉▉▢▢▢▢ 5/10
▢▢▢▢▢▢▢▢ 1/10


Birthplace: Fahan’rahk, Jihoh Vadash, Proximitia Centuria (Centauri Proximitia)
Current Residence: Kea’sa

 » Chart «

• Dji’in vas Vornin - FATHER - DECEASED
• Arisi’hi vas Vornin - MOTHER - DECEASED
• Jih’hok vas Vornin - BROTHER - ALIVE
• Sey’tey vas Vornin - BROTHER - DECEASED
• Zecur’ran vas Vornin - BROTHER - ALIVE

< Birth & Early Life >
    » Born to a family of five, Vu'uin was raised amongst three brothers. All the siblings were given equal affection and attention, although sometimes it certainly didn't seem like it. Vu'uin was prone to mischief as a child, unnaturally inquisitive about her surroundings and how things worked. As her family was upper middle-class, she had access to high-end education relatively quickly as a youngling, which only furthered her curious nature as she became older.

< Younghood >
    » Generally only speaking when spoken to, Vu'uin was a very quiet and analytical Vitruvian. Having grown up with four males in the household and a tomboyish mother, Vu'uin was almost undoubtedly bound to fostering a tomboy persona herself – and she did. Despite her quiet and standoffish demeanor, she never hesitated to speak her word, and would easily resort to violence if she felt the need. School did not go without its struggles, and she gained many black eyes, gashes, and bruises over the years. Not that any of that bothered her; in fact, she was a bit proud of her battle wounds, much to her mother's chagrin.

< Adolesence >
    » As time went on, she became more aware of the fact her parents were becoming incapable of upkeep, quickly taking on a more responsible role in the household and gathering credits the best she could in the meantime. Vu'uin and her brothers cared for both of their parents until their mother passed away after several months of peace, and their father no more than a week later. After a period of greiving, the siblings took what was left unto them and divided it amongst themselves. Vu'uin was left with her father's ship and a large sum of money, ready to begin exploring the world before her pigrimage.
    » While re-registering the spacecraft a couple years later, there was a protest-turned-fight in the streets, and one of her brothers was among the ones throwing themselves at the law enforcers. Vu'uin ended up pulling him away from the crowd, but when the fight escalated, bodies began hitting the floor and guns went off. The end result was Vu'uin's arm being mangled beyond repair, leading her brother to take it off entirely and bring her home, as hospitals refused to treat anyone damaged by enforcers as governed by law. Still traumatized by the missing limb, Vu'uin was allowed to stay with Sey'tey for the time, who cared for her and helped her relearn the basics and taught her how to fight with a glaive.
    » Sey'tey was bound for Ganymede to enlist in the Vitruvian forces moving to take Europa, leaving a data chip and the glaive for his sister before he left. Vu'uin vowed to protect his items and his dwelling place whilst he was away, and she did. When news of his death reached her three months later, she took many of his belongings that she wanted to treasure and stowed them away on her ship, allowing Zecur'ran and his family to move into the house before she set off to acquire a new job.

< Young Adulthood >
    » Vu'uin had since moved on in her life, having served in the Vitruvian armed forces for some time before advancing to more indulging tasks. One arm and a glaive suiting her awkwardly in her role as a data-broker and information seeker, but serving as more or less a posterchild to her reputation, she was known personally by very few yet many in her city knew her name. A nomad with what could essentially be referred to as her "flying man-cave," she was able to travel as freely and comfortably as she had dreamt of as a child. Vu'uin is a fine infiltrator and surprisingly fast on keypads and holo-screens for only having one arm. The adult Vitruvian is a bit of a flirt, holding a sassy personality around friends or if she's drunk enough. Still, her curiosity never left her, and is a prime form of motivation to this day.
    » When her job required her to travel to Kae'sa, Vu'uin was compelled to stay a bit longer than she had planned, desiring to scrutinize her surroundings a bit more and possibly relax.
    » Something seems slightly different about this planet. All the more reason to stay...

    To prevent meta-gaming and other such slip-ups, most if not all of this information is currently unbeknownst to any other living soul. If she tells you, you best keep your mouth shut unless she says otherwise, lest you lose her trust.

A R S E N A L _ & _ I N V E N T O R Y

    Lux Interfectorem (Glaive)
        » Nicknamed the “Lux Interfectorem,” which is “Light Killer” in Latin, this incredibly old and gold weapon has been held onto by Vu’uin since she was a kid. Why? It must have some form of significance, but she’s never told another living creature her reasoning. After a run-in with a client that left it in two pieces, it is now barely intact (duct tape and wrappings are the only reason it’s still in one piece) and slightly rotted. Vu’uin managed to smuggle it in amongst a few other pieces of contraband, mostly because she didn’t want to leave it back on her ship.
        » Prone to being broken if enough force is applied, and the blade is slightly dulled from lack of sharpening and being used as a walking stick.

    ¹Old Data Chip
        » A data chip encrypted by and belonging to one of Vu'uin's brothers, Sey'tey. She strives to find out what's on it someday, and has stowed it away for the meantime. It seems useless to anyone else, but it's priceless to her.

    ²Pocketed Belt
        » A really weird belt with a lot of small, capsule-esque pockets embedded in the front. Vu'uin loves to stash random objects, such as rocks and bone fragments, within its tiny compartments for safe keeping.

Weapons Discovered:
— ...
— ...
— ...
— ...

Items Discovered:
— ...
— ...
— ...
— ...


Brandyn Burnette"Down"
Ruelle"Until We Go Down"
Clint Mansell "Requiem For A Dream"
Two Steps From Hell"Norwegian Pirate"
Archive"Distorted Angels (Last Chance Remix)"

R O L E P L A Y _ E X A M P L E

“I advise caution in lighting a fire inside this vessel. The structural integrity is dangerously low, and fortunately we are on the highest deck at the moment, but there may very well be flammable liquids or gases, especially considering this appears to be a more recent crash,” AIAx informed, dropping the large crate on the ground and looking around the large room curiously. It was the bridge of the ship, judging by the massive, curved window stretching across the back of the room. The dust approached in the distance, glinting off the last of the star’s light as it sank away.

Shard’s breathing was audibly hindered as she tucked herself into the corner between two large pillars of wreckage, holding the blanket close and dropping her backpack on the ground as she sat down. < I second something to warm us up. The storms on Centauri lasted several hours minimum, so who knows how long we’ll be stuck in this hell, > she mumbled, digging through the backpack for supplies and watching as Ulo tossed something away. < Here, if you’re hungry, > she offered, holding up the half-burnt backpack. The top was open, revealing damaged but intact fruits and dried meats from what little of the cargo remained.

AIAx glanced over at the Femns, pivoting to stare down a long passage that lead further into the ship—the half that was almost entirely buried underground. Dangerous and spooky. Worth exploring? “There are blankets in the crate, but we will most likely need to scavenge for more supplies before the storm reaches us.” Without waiting for a response, he began his stride down the dark hall, bioluminescent lights stretching out into the eerie darkness as he carried on.

Shard remained huddled up in her corner, blanket held to her bloody side. < Probably best if I sit this one out. Good luck to you two if you go, though. >

 What could the rest of the ship possibly have in store?
*Taken from Sever.

Epidemia-Diffusa © zneakii & Yvevi
Application sheet © Yvevi

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